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Владимир Захаров

Рост 167см., вес 63кг., слегка сутулится.
Особые приметы:Родился 30 сентября 1954г. По образованию - инженер-электрик. Семь лет занимался робототехникой, потом пять лет конструктором в одном из театров кукол. С 1991г. в своём частном театре "Два + Ку". Когда то делал механику спектаклей: "Было или не Было"(по "Мастеру и Маргарите" М. Булгакова), "Котлован" (по А. Платонову), "Русалочка", "Гиубал Вахазар" и др. Теперь у себя в театре: драматург, режиссер, художник, конструктор, бутафор, портной, монтировщик...

Vladimir Zakharov

Used to be an engineer of robotics in 1986 was involved in some work for the State puppet theatre which was done amazingly and showed all the power of Zakharov's creativity. Since that time as a puppet-master he had done many different puppets of different systems, many stuffs and many constructions for many internationally recognized performances. But once, he had created HIS OWN PUPPET and used to be a songs- and stories writer all his life he had created a STORY OF LITTLE JEAN, he had created his own THEATRE « 2 + Koo ». But it seems that it has to be said about OLGA first, and than about theatre, for it is hard to say what had coursed what. Any way the reality around has got one more dimension of the by Zakharov created World. Welcome!

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