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• "The story of one puppet"
• "Jean -out-of-the Pod"
• "Jean in the Vault" (part 2)
• "About a hedgehog"
• "The little prince"
• "I'm a writer"
• "A Hare of passage"
• "How to find the sun"
• "Brook tales"

Old performances
• "Where are you Jean?"(part 3)
• "Kaziaka's friend Jean"(part 4)

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"The story of one puppet"

The puppeteer, deep in his thoughts, comes into a cafe, orders some wine and an apple and starts dreaming. In the atmosphere of the cafe filled with wonderful music his thoughts and dreams become reality. He creates a puppet, makes it alive by teaching it to love. The puppet falls in love with the rose (which also becomes alive) and finds a friend (the lamp).


Stage - 3,5x3m
Amphitheatre with lifting - 20-40cm
Capacity - 40-60 spectators
The distance up to the first row - 3m
Voltage - 220V, 50-60Hz
Power cosumption - 900w
Light and sound are provided.
No operator required.
Duration - 45min.
Two-actor cast.

"I'm a writer (a game)"

A show for adults.

Author and performer - Vladimir Zakharov
Music - George Winston
The author reads his tales in a puppet format.
The show can be watched only in the Humman puppets theatre.
The show lasts for 50 min.


"About a hedgehog"

The show is based on the tales by Sergey Kozlov. Seven tales, one after another, reveal us an amasing inner life of a small puppet creature named Hedgehog.




Stage - 3 2,5m.
with lifting 10 - 20 cm.
Capacity - 40 - 60 soectators.
The distance up to the first row - 2 m.
Voltage - 220V, 50-60 Hz.
Power consumption - 900W. Light and sound are provided
No operator required.
Duration 30 min.
One-actor cast.

"Jean -out-of-the Pod"(part 1)"
"Jean in the Vault"(part 2)"
"Where are you Jean?"(part 3)"
"Kaziaka's friend Jean"(part 4)"

Four shows about adventures of little Jean and his "same pod" brother George, grown out of a Pea by baker Jeack and aunt Mery.They are so young , inexperienced ,curious and small ,that gone with the wind they got to the wood of dangerous encounters,unexpected discoverys and apportunites for small boys to show themself. The wood ,off course,is a fairy-tailly one, you never know who will appear from behind the bushes on the new page of a magic book which contains lively,fertile pages populated with incretible creatures on and under the magic ground.

"A hare of passage"

The show is based on Sergey Kozlov's tales. Six stories, one after another, reveal a wonderful inner world of a small puppet creature called "a hare of passage".

Stage - 3 2,5.
Amphitheatre with lifting - 10 - 20 .
Capacity - 40 - 60 spaktators
Distance to the 1st row - 2m
Voltage - 220, 50-60 .
Power consumption - 900W. An opertor is not needed, light and sound are managed automatically by a computer
Duration - 30 min
Cast - 1 actor.

"How to find the Sun"

A show for children and adults. Play by Vladimir Zakharov. Music by Andrey Torkunov (live performance by - band. Hedgehog, Hare and Bear are searching for the sun. They finally did it! It took them 30 min.

"The little Prince"

Some year s ago it took us about 2 years to make this performance. We have been devising, testing and looking for new means of expression. We are aware of the complexity of the task, but we dare tell this story. We have very much in common with the hero of the story, as we live in the make-believe world of the puppet show we have created.
The show got its 2nd birth. This new version is not for children, indeed...

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