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Human puppets or how to make the room alive (with the help of "2 + ")

In our theatre we made the space alive and now we offer you to make YOUR room alive. It may be your office, a show-complex, a cafe, a restaurant, a pub, a shop or its shop-windows. With the help of us and our human puppets that will inhabit your room, the goods in your shop will become alive! We created a special term for it - "ozhivleniye" (=making something alive). And it's not only a term. Thanks to the special software, created by our specialists, plus (+) a theatrical approach to the problem solving, plus unique control apparatus and mechanics - everything really becomes alive and you can watch it endlessly!

Pierrot. Our first humman puppet. Cafe "Arlekino" in Tomsk. He is sitting in the shop-window with fancy cakes, shivering and looking around silently.
Annushka Tchuma and Berlioz's head. The story of this composition is amasing! It was ordered by a psychologist from Novosibirsk. A customer asked to make her a cultured puppet, better - a woman that would ask for money in public places. We began to make a woman with a head torn from her husband's body. The head was still alive so the woman was collecting money for the new body and was presenting herself now as Salome now as Berlioz's widow, now as Annushka or told the story about her husband who met a young girl and lost his head etc. Once I acted as Azazello and Artchibald in a puppet-show "Master and Margaret", the author of the text and phonogram Max Miasoyedov played the part of Joshua, Vladimir Kozlov dubbed Berlioz - Voland, Marina Djusmetova - Annushka - Margaret...
The head of the shop. Was sitting in the only one "alive" shop-window of the town in "Olympic Market". Now is testing for the model of the furniture shop-window. The puppet is a portrait of a director of some Moscow building firm.
Milliner. Advertised hats and gloves at the department of some shop. Now she's doing nothing and waiting for her new masters.
Intellectic. The first puppet from the cycle of collaboration with Tomsk Electronic Company. Thank you TEC!
Brave Soldier Schweik from the bar "Praga". The artist, who drew a sketch, put it in a claim. Funny...
Alisa Fox and something from Bazilio Cat. They are asking for money for Buratino's theatre. Were the participants of the show-exhibition.
A poet and his inspiration. Was the participant of the show-exhibition.
Golovenok. The puppet is created as a shop-window character with all its stirrings and openings of the large mouth with an advertising poster. Worked at the exhibition for a long time.
Aibolit and Chichi from "Limpopo". Chichi-is the first work of Olga Scheblikina.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Sitting in "Sibirskiy Pub" in Tomsk. It's a very successful sculpture of Olga Scheblikina. She's a talanted artist and engraver. It's pity that we do not work with her anymore because of her sore hand.
The half of McCartney. Lives in Novosibirsk, wandering about bars. Came to me twice with his head torn away from the body. Complained...
Another babushka. It was made for the exposition at VDNH for the 300th anniversary of ST. Petersburg and represented Arina Rodionovna near the monument of Pushkin. Then was sold to the moscow souvenir collector. He dreamt about taking it to pieces and arranging a repettion work of it in China. The Chinese refused...
A mother with her little son. They were made for "Lama" (Tomsk), but presented themselves unsuccessfully (there was a defect in the circuit board and the puppets sometimes didn't work). The defect was removed, the puppets went to the presentation of Tomskaya oblast in Astana, and then someone bought them for Maloyaroslavskiy nunnery.
This mask hangs in the resrtaurant "Balamut" (Novosibirsk), tells anecdotes recorded by the staff of the restaurant.
This little bull lives in Novosibirsk and glorifies meat producers. He is very lively and restless with a good ear for music (Lui Armstrong).
A nice firm "Grammy" from Novosibirsk ordered their symbol. Then I composed and recorded songs of Father Frost for them and then made a human puppet of Father Frost...
Bee-keeper from Barnaul. A portrait of a customer. He sells honey at religious fairs and collects money for a temple.
A miracle of a technical thought - KAVAKA! Two drive wheels and a head connected with the third free wheel with the shifted axis. KAVAKA rolls over the house, bustles about all over the place, gets in the corner then crawls out again... he is alive!!!
Karmenta, Perm. Tights. She can cross her legs, can rock her leg slightly and her breast trembles... And what a voice she has!!! How beautiful she sang!
Proksima Kolobok Prypravytch - the brain softened like batter, who am I?
Domovenok Kuzia. Gafurov, the cheater, got him.
A mask. In addition to the fact that she is looking around, nodding and shaking his head - her eyes and the upper jaw change their positions so the face expression changes too. Terletsky attached the body to this face and sold it somewhere in Moscow.
A portrait of a wooden sculpture artist Leontiy Usov. It was made specially for his exhibition in Moscow "Dom Aktera". The puppet was presented to the Nijniy Tagilsk Mining and Smelting Industrial Complex by Tomsk Electronic Company.
Ostap Bender. You can change the position of his hands and legs. The audience thinks that he does it himself and usually people are waiting to see it. It is important to change these positions when nobody is watching. Ostap lives no one knows where.
Robert Bosh. He lives in Schtutgard in the house-museum of Robert Bosh. Here's a picture of how he looks like from within.
To the right of the HEAD there's a man without a head. It's an advertisement of working clothes by means of anti-advertising. Customers asked to make a bandaged man in tattered clothes who persuades not to buy working clothes. To be more convincing I suggested to tear his head and it is his head that persuades the potential customers... As if the man wasn't carefull enough... The idea of Alisa Fox is similar and it was made in memory of this work.
Fartic. "Fartov" firm, Blagoveschensk. He sits in the exhibition hall, sings the songs of Joe Dassen translated liberally: this song is about 2 lovers that were lost in the exhibition hall of the firm "FARTOv"... And this is his head.
A parrot with a human face who can speak.
Ryumochnik (a jigger). He sits in the 10-litre wine-glass, he lives there, taps the brim of the glass with his little stick and recites the poems by Omar Hayam, Igor Guberman and Vladimir Zacharov about wine and drinking. There're three of such puppets. Two of them are somewhere in Moscow, and the last one - in Sheregesh.
A secretary. She looks around, crosses her legs. It seems that she lives somewhere in Moscow.
A portarait of Lev Vasilyevitch Hilov. The puppet was presented to L. A. Hilov by his colleagues for the anniversary.
strict stomatologist and his happy patient. They live in Moscow.
The story about one image. The customer was afraid of the first version of the puppet, he also didn't accept the second one so the puppet changed the image and went to "STOMA". The customer was offered another image - a cactus, but he didn't take it also...
A brave Opener of beer. Graduation work of Yuriy Laptev (Industrial College). Then it went to "Stoma"tologists.
Stomatological clinic "Stoma".
embroiders of the firm "NIKONeL", Irkutsk.
wood-goblin and a hobgblin. " ".
A Cactus.
A family of ancient people (somewhere between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon men). "SAHA EXPO MAMONT", Yakutsk. They had been sitting for half a year at EXPO 2005 in Japan.
Monkeys. The first one - CHichi, another one sits in the photographic studio and relaxes the clients.
Objektivniy. He sits in the photographic shop, amuses the visitors and takes the real pictures of them. You can print these photos.
A Red ONE, he's going to Sheregesh for the mountain-skis resort
Professor Preobrazhenskiy and Sharikov (Cyprus).
Father Frost for "Grammy", Novosibirsk.
Little boy - a present from... to the son of the deputy governor of Novosibirskaya oblast.
Alive space! This head represented our puppets at the exhibitions.
A cook from "Provansal".
My portatrait (Zacharov). Naplechnik was made to place him on the shoulder. He sat there, looked around, nodded and murmured something inaudible. Then he sat down in an arm-chair and became a ballroom pianist on performances. Now - with the new mechanics.
Dedushka - was a boss and didn't speak when he was young. Musicians dropped him, the head was broken - so we made him speak. Used to be Father Frost.
A beggar from "Vechniy Zov".
John Silver. He sat in the tavern "U Silvera" once, was broken. We decided not to repair him.
A singer from Sheregesh.
Lavatory guy from Sheregesh.
John Silver and his faithful parrot. VOSTOKGAZPROM, Siniy Utes.
A hunter and his dog. Somewhere in an owner-occupied dwelling.
Tank - a robot. A present to the URALVAGONZAVOD for the 70th anniversary from Nizhiy-Tagil Metallurgical Factory.
France! A present to the French Embassador in Russia from Tomskaya oblast which actually wasn't presented at all. We decided to keep it :)
A present for the anniversary.
"Alive" Aplombov for the museum of the theatre of Obraztsov.
A present to the director of Toyota-centre.
Fortune-teller, Detskiy mir na Yuzhnoy.
Little mammoth, Novokuznetsk.
Hobgoblin,a present.
Father Carlo, self-portrait.

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