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How to find

1) Get off a bus at the busstop "Lagerniy sad" . You can see the croossroad of Lenina st. and Savinih st.

2) Go along Savinih st.

3) Forward and forward (toward the river)

4) While going along Savinih st. you'll see this house. It means that your direction is a right one. Keep going forward.

5) Sooner or later you'll rest on garages and will see the inscription "" (we've already mentioned it). Now you should turn right

6) To the right you'll see a direction sign (an arrow). It means that you'll have to go down Yuzhniy lane.

7) Go down!

8) Well, you went down. Here you can see a notable house made of red brick with saucer-like television antennae. You'll be able to recognise it easily! Now you should turn left and go forward under the heating main

9) Heating main

10) Now you passed the heating main. Go forward

11) Very soon you'll see a sign to the right of you (on a fence)

and an arrow (direction sign)

12) But we are not here yet. Go further!

13) Oh, you can see some wooden building now. It's a human puppets theatre!

14) Here it is!!!!

15) The entrance

16) Every theatre begins with a clothes tree

17) Babushka will meet you at the entry

18) Inside the theatre

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