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per. Yuzhniy, 29,
tel. (3822)42-04-86

How to find the theatre

Address: Russia, 634028, Tomsk, per. Yzhnii 23

It's not easy to find our theatre. First of all you should take a bus (N 22, 23, 26, 28, 32, 35, 53, 60 or 40) and get to the bus-stop named "Lagerniy sad" (" "), then find Savinih st. (. ) and go down the street before you find the garages. If you are attentive enough you'll be able to notice the inscription "" on a garage wall. Turn right, go down the lane (it will be Yzhnii lane - ). Then turn left and go straight on the lane under the heating main before you find our theatre building that looks like a huge chest. We hope you recognise it... If not - phone us - (382-2)42-04-86! Also s. maps

Still difficult to find???

We propose you to accomplish an on-line journey. If you are ready - welcome to the next page!

So? Are you going??? :)))

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