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per. Yuzhniy, 29,
tel. (3822)42-04-86
Playbill (October)
on Sat 12:00 "Jean -out-of-the Pod"
French folk-tale
14:00 "About a hedgehog"
18:00 "The story of one puppet"
on Sun 12:00 PREMIERE "Jean in the Vault"
French folk-tale
Tickets: from 50 to 500 rubles - shows for children
from 100 to 500 rubles - shows for adults (it depends on your wish and abilities)
Documentary club"Coockoodoc"
on Mondays 19:00
Tickets: 50 rubles
Oct 23, Fr 19.00. "Scandal"
Tickets: 200 rubles

Our playbills:

"The story of one puppet" "Jean -out-of-the Pod" "About a hedgehog"
Wine-testing performance Meeting with the poetess Natalia Neljubova
Ljudmila Katerisova Igor Reshetov and Mereke Iskakov

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